"Precision is our quality"

Precision can be defined as the quality, condition or fact of being exact and accurate.

We promise to deliver it for 


On-time Delivery, Right Product, Right Costs, Best Communication

Our experience!

Because we fully understand that our main objective is to help our customers keep their promises. 

And we have a great team to assist you all about Aluminum/metal hook and accessories.

On-Time Delivery

Basically, our lead time is 30 days after P.O, and we always response a positive feedback flexibly based on customer's situation. 

Right Products/costs

We believe the quality is more than making a good products, and we keep trying to reduce all costs all the time.

Positive Communication

It's really basic thing, we're building a good communication with our valuable customer, please, contact us at any time if you need us.


We want to deliver & share our  long experience, and we believe the experience is the teacher of all of things.

"Let's be Together"

Our great customer who create new values and innovation is experiencing our products.

We believe there is a reason for choosing us. 

Start your new projects with WeTOOL!

"Bespoke Solutions"

We care, We share, We dare!

We will definitely provides a full service from the beginning to the end on your projects

Is there anything you want to ask us?

Don't hesitate to contact us.

We are always open to hear anything.

We'd like to answer kindly any time.

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