Precision is Our Quality!

Founded in 2019, WeTOOL Company Limited is a full-service manufacturer specializing in aluminum and metal hardware for a backpack, tactical, military and pet business etc.

WeTOOL Company Limited provides all processes from designs to delivery on our products, and we will take responsibility on ours.

WeTOOL Company Limited is committed to improve quality, enhance competitiveness and give priority to customer satisfaction.

Right Product, Right Price, Right Time! 

We fully understand and recognize what our customer expect and need from us, and our talented people will make an effort to give a reliability and accuracy on product and communication. 

Right service should arrive to you all the time! 

Creativity for New Development Product!

"Creativity must have rails to run on, a purpose, a destination." 

WeTool is making constant efforts to create and develop new product by checking the feedback of itself from our customer. 

Our customer involvement and participation are critical to the success of a new products project. 

We believe customer's knowledge and understanding, and their feedback along the way, create the guidelines and context that help ensure the successful outcome of a new product.


By WeTOOL Team

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