D9 Carabiner

featured with Carrie

Positive people attract others! 

Carries who specializes in thoughtful product design from concept to manufacturing is that kind of person. Luckily we grab the chance to work together, we created and developed it by getting the design that people around the world may like it.  And now it is true. 

Pathfinder Multi-hook

featured with Devan

We have collaborated with Asana Climbing who lead a custom landing system in States, they wanted us to create and develop a specific hook which has a combination of two designs into one - G-Hook + Bottle opener, and now it's applied to the bag and crash pad as fun add-ons. It's very successful piece! 

Hawkeye Toggle

featured with Chris

It's great opportunity to raise our ability to more higher level on this projects. We learned about a pretty accurate and clear communication/attitude a lot during each process and stage from Chris who creates & develop award-winning waterproof packs designed to house and protect your critical gear. 

Mariner D-ring

featured with Louis

He give people happy virus! It's a pretty interesting projects, and Louis always made us excited together with his team, and the results of the product is the best - appearance, function and quality. Now we are really waiting their website opening, and we believe his project will be successful and prosperous.

RRanger Locking Single Hook

featured with Michael

While we got so many requests on clip hook as low profile, Michael had good timing for us by chance, and he provided a specific design, then we engineered it by modification. Now we are going to develop other size more based on this design soon. 

RUniversal Carabiner

featured with Randy

Inadvertent design products! During custom-made item with him, we had a different size over his expectation, and finally, we released 1st version carabiner by chance. 

Special feature is that it can be opened Max. 2.5cm wide.

Mini Clip Dual Hook

featured with Brandon

Brandon is outdoor equipment designer of long experience, he is best know for his creative and entertaining works all the time, we had a great time to develop it together by getting his full support and help. We hope to work with him in near future again, and we love his enthusiasm and style! 

* Collaboration Product : Our own products above developed after advised by an industrial designer, developer and engineer at customer side. 

   We are always open to your advice/collaboration request.

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