Custom-Made Product Development!

"We design, manufacture and supply bespoke aluminium / metal hook and accessories 

to our customers and trim requirements."

If you are looking for customization of our existing products range or for entirely new products, 

Please, contact us directly to discuss your project.

Max. 35 days for Tooling and T1 sample

Customers need reliability on quality and lead time and we know well 

what we have to do. 

Now, we are involving all processes from designs to delivery on the products, and will take responsibility on ours.

Experienced Team & Engineer 

Our experienced team collaborates closely with you throughout our engagement. We take pride in our work and strive for consistent excellence. This leads to the development of strategic insights and recommendations that you can support with confidence.

Prototype, Pilot Run, Evaluation 

"Not one thing can be handled carelessly." This activities allows us and potentially our customers to understand the product. Our goal is to make a product that is not only fit for purpose on requirements but also to design the product so that it can be manufactured as easily and as cost effectively as possible.

Results and Maintenance

"Everything is more than off-the-shelf items" 

We provides a best service to manage and maintain customer data/tools for a reliable products continuously.

Just leave it to our team!

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